Dialectric grease inside connector?


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Just a quick one…

Pretty sure the answer is “no”, but is it a problem if the coax or connectors (F-Type comp) get dialectric grease in side them - . i.e inside the plug, not just on the thread?

I’m looking to waterproof my new ant setup, was thinking of putting grease on the copper core / inside the plug to make 110% sure it’s water proof…


Actually - maybe I wont do that, seems dialectic grease is an insulator, probably NOT a good idea to get that IN the plugs! :wink:


Dielectric grease is fine for use inside the connector. It won’t impede the transmission of RF, and a good connection will still be made between the metal contacts (assuming you are using decent connectors). The contacts are usually sprung, and as this is a static connection the grease will be displaced sufficiently for metal to metal contact. If it were a dynamic connection, then using grease would be wrong because it would act like a fluid bearing and separate the contacts - that is why slip rings use self-lubricating carbon brushes.

The grease will prevent water from penetrating the connector or condensing from humid air and prevent corrosion of the contacts.


I have mounted my diy coco last saturday on the roof of our house and filled every f connector with silicon grease before mounting and i cannot find any problems with that … Done that ten years ago with the sat cables and they still work…


Thanks guys - good to know for future ref…

UNfortunately my time with “ladder man” was rather last minute and rushed :frowning:

(See http://discussions.flightaware.com/ads-b-flight-tracking-f21/exteneral-antenna-added-stats-dropped-c50-t37116.html

Hopefully it’s a “settings” fix.

Maybe next time…