Denver to Munich

Does Denver Intl Airport ever have a chance of getting this route?

While it is difficult to predict with the development of long-range, medium-sized aircraft such as the A350 and the B787, I would say that it is unlikely that a successful Denver–Munich route would emerge. Lufthansa has flights from Denver to Frankfurt, and the latter seems to be situated more conveniently in relation to other populous German cities. The competition from the Frankfurt flight and costs (plus uncertainty) of making a new successful route probably make the Denver–Munich route unfeasible.

MUC is one of Lufthansa’s hubs. Traffic between DEN and MUC would not necessarily be for getting people to other German cities. Rather, it would be for passengers continuing their trips to other European cities, the Middle East, and Africa.

I do not see why Munich should be introduced on top of the more-popular Frankfurt and soon-to-be introduced Berlin airport. Plus, Dubai and the highly international London seem like more logical options.

Lufthansa has 5 hubs: Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf, Zurich, and Vienna.

They are investing heavily in the Munich hub so it would only make sense for them to have a Denver flight. This could either be a new flight to Denver or the shifting of the Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Munich.

With that information, the Denver–Munich route is slightly more likely. Denver just does not seem geographically convenient or unique enough compared to other major United States airports to justify a new route. Oh, well. Only time will tell.