A380 in Denver

Is there a possible chance for the A380 to go to Denver in the near future?


I will substantiate…

DEN officials do not expect the A380 to serve Denver in the near future. The target market for the aircraft is major long-haul routes such as London-Singapore, Dubai-Lon-don, Sydney-Los Angeles and Tokyo-U.S. West Coast. Its exciting to see innovations in aircraft manufacturing such as the A380, said Sally Coving-ton, DENs director of air ser-vice development. But given Denvers relatively small population base compared to major cities in the world, we dont anticipate that carriers will consider using the A380 to serve Denver for at least several years.

I know that doesn’t mean they won’t fly there during their “tour”, but there’s no real reason to go there other than to say they can.

Evidently Sally Covington hasn’t heard of airline hubs. Has she actually been to the airport to see the hoards of UAL aircraft? Lufthansa is partner of UAL. I wonder if Ms Covington knows that? In other words, UAL, which hasn’t ordered the A380, could still use the aircraft under a code share with DLH.

ok :frowning:

Does anybody know where the two A380’s are going next on their tour?

Chicago and Dulles.
Dave: I doubt that Lufthansa will codeshare with United to DEN, when they already will be doing so into ORD, which is a larger (and more centralized) hub for UA anyhow.

LH already code shares with UA in the DEN/FRA market.

There’s quite a bit of the USA still to go to the west, north, and south of DEN. With UA serving quite a bit of that area, I can see quite a bit of traffic potential. There are many large cities in the west that don’t have nonstop service to Europe or the service is very limited (e.g. TUS, ABQ, SLC, BOI, LAS) . DEN would be an ideal place for them to connect.

Well, she DID leave the option open for the future…She just stated that there wouldn’t be demand for scheduled A380 service to DEN for the next “several” years…Oh, wait a minute…Several years? At the current progress rate, a several year wait may make DEN the FIRST airport to see A380 revenue service. (Sorry…I just can’t pass up the chance to take another jab at this management program–They make it sooooo easy!)

…says David.

I guess it must be so. :unamused:

At last - you got it right!

Actually, I should have expanded what I said. DEN would be a better connecting point than, say, ORD or JFK because it is less congested.

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