Delta's Future SEA-HND Route? Why? … o-seattle/

According to this article, Delta said they would rather do SEA-HND instead of DTW-HND. Does Delta really see a future market for this route? Why do they even want to do this? Because they already operate to their hub NRT with an Airbus A330-300.

I know it’s a stupid question to ask, but I just want to see what you all think.

Not a stupid question.

Delta evidently feels they can make more money on the SEA/HND route rather than a DTW/HND route.

I’m guessing that much of the US travel to Japan originates in the western US - a DTW origin would not be attractive on those lanes due to the back-track.

There’s likely to be next-concourse competition for Delta at LAX, while they’d have SEA-HND all to themselves. SEA would be a shorter route versus LAX from a good-sized chunk of the country - and if I’m flying out of the east coast and must go to HND, I don’t particularly care if I change planes in DTW or SEA.

Plus Delta is run by an Idiot.