Delta Flight Diverted Because of Bible Quoting Passenger

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According to a police arrest warrant, “The suspect would not allow the person sitting next to him to leave her seat to use the restroom. The suspect kept telling her that his blood would be on her and he was not going to let her leave no matter what happened. Several passengers restrained the suspect and the suspect attempted to bite one of the passengers in the leg.”

That is dern funny! :laughing:

What an awful headline that is going to get the evangelical fundie’s undies all bunched up. :unamused:

All I have to say is well done by the police, airport security, DAL, and turnabouts is fair play.


Recall that a little over 2 years ago, Muslim imams were arrested and detained in the airport for praying before getting on their flight at MSP (I believe it was an AWE flight, if not NWA). If the policy works one way, it would need to work the same way for everyone, or get repealed.

In this case, the Bible-thumping evangelicals have no ground to stand on.


That’s just it - he wasn’t on the ground.

I don’t think you can compare the two. In the case of the muslims on the AWE flight, they started they knew exactly what they were doing. They were testing the security system to see how they could circumvent them.

In this case it is a mentally disturbed person. I am NOT saying all that read the Bible are mentally disturbed - just this person. There is a lot of great information on how to live contained in the Bible. It is the Word of God, after all.

true, they were on the ground, yes… but my point is that the same law was interpreted the same way. some strange religious action scared the passengers witless, to the point where action was taken by the police/security. It would be foolish for the evangelical fundamentalists to think that this wouldn’t apply to every religion but theirs. They can’t laud it the first time when it doesn’t happen to their religion, then despise it when it happens to theirs. So it would need to either stick for everybody, or stick for nobody.


Huh? Reference please. That sounds like an accusation made by professional opinionators, but there’s been no evidence to support that. supports my recollections of the news coverage at the time. Six imams (Muslim leader comparable to a priest/minister) did their evening prayers together at the gate before boarding. Passengers and airline staff, who apparently did not understand what they were watching, got freaked out. To me it looks like a fairly clear case of Islamophobia. The problem wasn’t with anything the imams were doing, but with the ignorance and fear of those watching.

The lawsuit by the imams is apparently moving forward against the officers, but not the passengers or airline employees. I hope they win a judgment, to define appropriate standards that officers must satisfy before detaining passengers, and thus guard against future cases. A peaceful Muslim traveler deserves the same religious freedom that we reserve for ourselves; and our lack of knowledge of their common religious practices does not excuse harassment.

Your parallel is pretty weak here. The “quoting Bible verses” is a red herring in this story. Getting out to use the restroom does not violate biblical law or some church’s tradition. This guy is not exercising religious freedom or religious conscience. He’s just being a nut.

By contrast, the imams were following common practices of Islam – sundown prayer time. For this and a fistful of trumped up suspicions, they were ejected from the plane. … /KSEA/KATL

The point though, was that passengers were freaked out because of the religious actions being taken by both the Imams, and the Bible quoter. Everyone praised the airport police/security for detaining them; by law, they also should not cry foul for detaining the Bible quoter. They can not have it both ways. It either has to work for ALL religions, or no religion (hence being repealed).


Ignorant or not, there is a time and a place for prayer. I don’t know the details other then being posted here and the wiki site, but if it not the norm for our culture to crowd around a boarding gate to pray, the foreigners need to do what’s norm for us, not the other way around.

This is what mosks (sp?) are for. Most religions that pray **in groups **do so in the sanctity of church, synagogues, mosks, and the like, not around boarding gates at an airport.

“This is what mosques are for. Most religions that pray **in groups **do so in the sanctity of church, synagogues, mosques, and the like, not around **boarding gates **at an airport.”
***NO SHIT ***:!:
An event like that might have a tendency to raise questions. Or suspicion. The other guy was just a freak.

was the bible quoting person Cuban, and was the plane heading to JFK?

No. He was yankee, and the flight was KSEA-KATL. they diverted to KBNA.


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A-Rod? Jeter? Be more specific please.

In John Wayne’s words, “&@%$ yank!”

People pray in the darndest places. I know several people who would spend their entire time at the gate praying on all topics; they use boring time as praying time. If I went to a convention for my church and returned with a half-dozen friends, we might take a huddle in the gate area for some prayers. God is not sequestered in a building, He’s always with us.

You’re not aware of people praying because Christians and Jews, particularly Americans, tend not to pray demonstratively in public. (Hallelujah!) That cultural value doesn’t mean it’s reasonable to make demonstrative or noticeable prayers a detainable offense. You guys are going overboard, and you don’t have the Constitution on your side.

Fundamentally, the issue is religious profiling. Muslim is not synonymous with terrorist, no matter how tightly they are fused in your own mind.

And there’s a lot of not-so-great information on how to live, too – things like stoning people to death, shunning homosexuals from the community or an eye for an eye. What a glorious world it would be if we all lived to the letter of the Bible. :unamused: