Delta Flight 110


Delta Flight 110 this morning from Atl-Lax is the first revenue flight operated by the first Delta 777-200LR (in the air now).


I would expect that plane to be moved to Intl duty very soon. Its not going to pay for itself flying that route.


Where is it headed next?


Often airlines will place long range aircraft on relatively short routes. Delta has had 767-400 on routes between Atlanta and Florida. Singapore had its A340s on routes between Singapore and other southeast Asia airports before it placed them on routes the aircraft was designed for.

EDIT: I took a look at this flight again. It appears the 777 was a substitute for the normal 767 used on the route.


Does anybody know the registration number for it? I’d like to see just when it gets switched to international service.




Yes, but the 767 is the workhorse of Delta’s long haul fleet. So your original statement holds true.


On the way to Narita right now… Got this from
03/08 DL 110 ATL-LAX
03/08 DL 101 LAX-ATL
03/09 DL 055 ATL-NRT
03/10 DL 056 NRT-ATL
03/12 DL 152 ATL-TLV
03/13 DL 153 TLV-ATL
03/14 DL 091 ATL-ICN
03/15 DL 092 ICN-ATL
03/15 DL 152 ATL-TLV
03/16 DL 153 TLV-ATL
03/17 DL 055 ATL-NRT
03/18 DL 056 NRT-ATL


So I’d guess that it was inserted into the ATL-LAX round trip to be sure everything was running properly before heading abroad. Besides, maybe the 764 it replaced needed an oil change lol.