Delta agrees to LOI at LAX … ax-420660/

This will help Delta and American. Delta would go to terminals 2 and 3, and American will get terminal 5.

It will, but assuming a 1:1 ratio, that puts 16 airlines to vie for 14 gates in Terminal 4. HAL, VOL, VIR, SCX, WJA, ACA, AMX, AVA, and TAI would get booted from T2, while VRD, FFT, JBU, NKS, VOZ, AAY, and BTQ get booted from T3.

While T4 has gates that can accommodate a B747, with VIR supposedly getting in A380s in 2018, will the gates at T4 be able to handle that aircraft?


Virgin Atlantic will probably move to the TBIT.

Volaris, Sun Country, TACA, and Avianca don’t require a whole gate to themselves, while Virgin America and Spirit require several gates. Hawaiian requires several A330 capable gates at particular times of the day but doesn’t need a gate all day long.

Would not be surprised if Air Canada goes to Terminal 6 - this would make it a lot easier for them to connect to United. I believe that under this agreement Delta and American would no longer require gates in T6, so that would open up a lot of space there. TACA and Avianca could also go to T6, both being Star Alliance carriers.

Aeromexico may stay in T2 to facilitate better connections with Delta.