Delay IPC?

Is there anyway to get an extension on the bi-annual IPC requirement? Even just a month or so?

I’m training for my multi rating - just started (LOVE IT!). My IPC is due this month (May 2010). I plan to take 1-2 months to complete my multi as I’m in no hurry.

I think I could just… (whoa) not fly except during my training with instructor, but I still want to be able to fly PIC, alone. So… anyway to wait on that check ride to serve as my IPC, or I just have to do it too anyway?


I take it you are talking about your Biannual Flight Review (BFR), and not an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC). The only people that have the authority to waive that requirement is your local FSDO.

I recommend participating in the Wings program, its another easy way to accomplish a flight review without having to be “signed off” by an instructor. But I believe you do have to accomplish the tasks within your 24 months of currency.

This is just off the top of my head, there are probably other things that may work for you that I am unaware of.

Seems like one of your multi training flights could count as a BFR.

I was hoping that he could do that, but while reading FAR 61.54 (c) (1) no person may act as PIC unless … “Accomplished a flight review given in an aircraft for which that pilot is rated by an authorized instructor”

It would have been nice.

Thanks all for the feedback. And yes, this is for my Instrument Proficiency Check.

Soo… if only option is FSDO then that sounds a bit far fetched. Guess I’m just going to have to do the IPC, then a check ride a month later. Alas. :frowning:

Thanks anyway.

If you are worried about your instrument proficiency check then you are in luck, somewhat. You just need to get your instructor to sign you off for an IPC while you are doing your multi training, until then you can act as PIC, just not while under instrument flight rules or while in IMC. Your IPC just needs to be in the appropriate category, which I believe is Airplane. You can also use a safety pilot to brush up on your instrument procedures, which would be helpful if you are going to get your multi with instrument privileges. Another option is to find a school with an FTD or Simulator and get an IPC through them. Hope this helps.


Thanks. I just need my bi-annual check as a private and instrument pilot. I’m not so worried about flying IFR as I am just being legal and logging hours VFR. The company I use won’t just “sign me off” for an IPC without the full list of IPC check. =(

This is my first IPC… I assumed I only needed it, and no longer needed a BFR. If I can hold off on the check ride, I had assumed it would make me current for another 2 years… avoid the fee of the IPC.

You only need the BFR to act as PIC for VFR flight. You could completely forgo the IPC if you wish and it would only affect your ability to act as PIC under IFR conditions. With an instrument rating, you’re required to maintain currency only prior to exercising those IFR privileges. Repeating for emphasis: An IPC has no bearing on acting as PIC under VFR conditions.


Thanks. I had my instrument check ride 2 years ago, so I’m due for the IPC and the BFR all together. I’m just trying to avoid paying for any check at all since I’m going to take another check ride in a month or two. Just curious if anyway to get an extension.

Understood. As far as the IPC goes, you are probably aware that there is no biennial requirement. It is based on the number of approaches (along with holding and navigating) that you’ve logged in the preceding 6 calendar months. Even if you haven’t logged the approaches, you have another 6 months after that (e.g. 1 full year) to get in the experience before you’re required to undergo an IPC with an instructor. If you fly a lot and stay current, you could potentially never have to take an IPC, though it is of course a good idea to ride with a CFII and brush up anyway.

If you’re trying to save some cash and want both the BFR and the IPC, see if your instructor will combine the two. I believe previous posters mentioned that. An IPC does not automatically count as a BFR unless the instructor endorsed your logbook for both.

Bottom line, unless you want to wait for the checkride to count as the BFR and IPC, you’ll probably have to bite the bullet and do it separately.