DC-10 Omega Tanker


Neat dirty job for this ex JAL DC-10. The military claims Omega can pump fuel for $7.00 per gallon versus a USAF KC-10 at $17.00 per gallon.

flightaware.com/live/flight/OMEG … /KMCC/KMCC



Maybe they could take Mike Rowe for a ride on the tanker. (He is the host of the Discovery Channel program Dirty Jobs). Seriously, why does it say “Slovakia” underneath the flight number, OMEGA10?


IIRC, he did an episode where he cleaned/fixed the inside of a KC-135 tanker.


Just as “N” is the country code for aircraft registered in the USA, “OM” is the code for the country of Slovakia. The FlightAware software expects an airilne’s code to be three characters followed by numbers. “Omega10” doesn’t meet that requirement so it assumes it must be a country code at the start of the flight ID.


There are 2 of them. The newly-converted “Tanker 911” is N17085 at one time a CO bird. I’d imagine its call sign is Omega11 ?


Thanks PAT206 gives me another one to look for all of their others(OMEGA 10,OMEGA 70,OMEGA 71) have worked out of HUntsville sometime in the past year.