Airport code question


I see that a DC-10 “Omega 10” (Slovakian), departing IWA going to 3405 which appears to be in New Mexico. Is my assumption that 3405 is military correct?


Given the following trip doesn’t have an origin and is headed back to KIWA, I’d guess it was a round trip from/to KIWA that isn’t going to land in New Mexico and just a weird way for ATC to handle it.

It’s also probably not Slovakian, the automated identification parser just thinks so because of the first few letters of the identification.


OMEGA 10 is this… Operated by Omega Aerial Refueling Services


taking a stab at this, 3405 may be 34 degrees N, 105W which is in the Pecos MOA. Looks like they drove around quite a bit in that area yesterday.



Pretty good stab John :wink: …Looking at the Lat/Long’s of the Track Log, and charting them, they were playing in the BEAK MOA’s over/by Ruidoso.