Date range search

It would be cool if you could add a search feature(s). Such as you could use a date range to see the activity for an aircraft or airport. Such as, N12345 from 1/1/06 to 2/1/06 or KDCU from 6/2/06 to 6/4/06 and you could see all departures and/or arrivals. I know that is a heck of a lot of data, but I imagine you guys already have it and it is just a matter of pulling it back up. Also, I said this once before, but it would be nice if you could use say a "" as a default when you don’t know all of the information. For instance, if you are searching B747s, you have to search for B742, B744, maybe even B74Q. Would be nice if you could just put B74 and it would show you all of them. This would also work if you want to search all American Airline flights. You could just put AAL* and pull it all up or maybe you knew the flight number was AAL thirteen hundred and something so you put AAL13* to help narrow down the results. I have seen some other sites that do this and it is top notch.

You can already enter an * as the LAST characater of an aircraft type.
Go through the forum to see resonses to your other requests.