Airport Activity Screen Filter Suggestion

Would you please consider adding some drop down filters on the Airport Activity screens. I would be nice to be able to filter for the following things:

  • Hide aircraft that “unknown” departure time on the “En Route/Scheduled to” table. Sometimes at DFW there can a lot of these planes that were scheduled to arrive but never departed.

  • Have some sort of ability to filter by plane type. Currently if I want to sort by B747 I have to hit the type header to sort by type and then search though many, many pages of flights to find where in the list of B747 start. If you could have a drop down filter of the planes you want to search for would make this task much easier.

Thanks for your consideration of these ideas.

-Charles III


Give 'em time. It’s only been a few months for your request. There’s been some feature requests that have been asked for years ago that still haven’t been acknowledged, much less implemented.

Well I understand that it takes time. This forum appears to have a lot more use than feature requests. I figured that I would bump it since it had been a year and a half so the developers would know that the requested features were still desired.

Just a friendly reminder that these features are still desired.

-Charles III