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Hi. I was wanting to record aircraft that fly into a small country airstrip as a means of showing what type of aircraft are coming to the strip. Can a USB storage device be used to record unlimited captures in a CSV file or similar for filtering a spreadsheet? I would be using a small aerial (internal) so as not to capture too many distant aircraft, just the ones within a few miles the strip keeping the amount of data to a minimum?

What would the code required to achieve this objective?


I found this. Is it possible to save as .csv to a usb storage device instead of root directory? Is it also possible to put an 'If" statement in there saying if the distance of the msg is < .3 nm then log it and ignore the rest?


I’m trying to do the same as OP - log data from PiAware/Dump1090 so that I can plot the data in MATLAB. Essentially I just want a simple file on my computer with all the relevant flight data (lat, longitude etc). I’m a bit of a noob sorry and confused by the post though, could you explain the steps a bit more please?

I typed ‘sudo wget -O - -q’ into my Pi and then it does that command until I ctrl+c. Unsure where I go after that step though to getting the data file!

Point your browser at http://pi:30003/ where pi is the address of YOUR pi.

You should get screen fulls of this data;

MSG,7,1,1,7C163C,1,2018/05/01,03:09:44.906,2018/05/01,03:09:44.947,3325, MSG,3,1,1,7C7C9B,1,2018/05/01,03:09:44.912,2018/05/01,03:09:44.948,7225,-37.48302,144.78852,0 MSG,4,1,1,7C6DE5,1,2018/05/01,03:09:44.915,2018/05/01,03:09:44.949,423,92,-1024,0 MSG,7,1,1,7C163C,1,2018/05/01,03:09:44.917,2018/05/01,03:09:44.949,3325, MSG,3,1,1,7C7A48,1,2018/05/01,03:09:44.921,2018/05/01,03:09:44.950,25350,-37.57054,143.47087,0 MSG,4,1,1,7C6BE3,1,2018/05/01,03:09:44.923,2018/05/01,03:09:44.950,178,146,-64,0 MSG,3,1,1,7C1B5F,1,2018/05/01,03:09:44.926,2018/05/01,03:09:44.951,1125,-37.92398,144.87057,0 MSG,3,1,1,7C6DD8,1,2018/05/01,03:09:44.930,2018/05/01,03:09:44.952,36550,-39.38603,145.64259,0 MSG,8,1,1,7C7FE6,1,2018/05/01,03:09:44.939,2018/05/01,03:09:44.954,0

or Telnet pi 30003

Does that give you enough?


Got it working now, just had to use Putty and Telnet. Thanks for the help!

This thread is relevant:

Exploring Port 30003 and 30106


Thanks for replying everyone. I mounted a usb storage device to my Orange pi. using the above command. sudo wget -O - -q http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:30003 (router ip address) > /home/opi/etc/… where ever I mounted the usb stick. It stored data. I understand the issue of huge data collection, hence, my idea of using a weak antenna and code using the if statement where the last recorded distance is less than the previous, or current distance, gets recorded. this would cut down on the amount of data storage… The reason being, our strip has come under threat from wind turbines within 2.5 kilometres from the end of the runway, over the last 16 years. They are positioned on a hill 50 metres above the elevation of the airstrip. I want to log aircraft that come to the airstrip I use for, verification and validation purposes. I don’t need all data (huge data file,) just the validation data of an aircraft at the airstrip. This would validate the value of the airstrip to the appropriate authority. In Australia, they want big dollars to get access to flight plans to destinations. But what if a plane comes into our airstrip without a flight plan? I want to data log relevant information in a minimal form. Also, when using port 30003 on the web browser nothing displayed like it did in older versions of PI, however, it did show up in the usb storage device. PS - I took the usb storage device out and the computer crashed. I ended up wiping the sd card and putting a fresh install of Armbian Ubuntu Stretch lite. They change around the versions so frequently, it’s hard to keep track.

So, I stick this device in my country aeroclub where it quietly collects data, not connected to the internet. A script would run on startup and data is in a minimal fashion, logged, relevant tot he airstrip.

Does that make it clearer??

This method didn’t work for me - in Chrome I get

PI sent an invalid response.

Where PI is my LAN PI IP.

This does however show and work in putty. Any ideas on why that is?

I tried it in Chrome and received the same error message .

No idea as I usually use IE.


Try Chrome’s new incognito tab (private browsing)

No dice here - I was just curious why it works for some and not for everyone else.

Thanks but still did not work in Chrome.

here is all you need to track, record and filter aircrafts - newest versions on github:

Daily Log/E-Mail Aircraft Report directly on your RaspberryPi
Dump1090 MySQL Database Script with Alert and Filter



That looks very interesting and what I want. I will have a crack soon.



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I am running Arabian Ubuntu Xenial. Would this be an issue for your data logger?

nope - runs on any platform that supports php 5 or higher

  1. I have dump1090-fa installed. Is it just a matter of including the -fa in the ac_counter.php file path?

  2. So, I would only need to install the Jessie php install and not the stretch?

// set parameters for database connection
$user_set_array[‘db_user’] = ‘root’; $user_set_array[‘db_pass’] = ‘YOUR_PASSWORD’;
$user_set_array[‘db_name’] = ‘adsb’; $user_set_array[‘db_host’] = ‘’;

  1. What does the password pertain to in the above?

I managed to get zip files logged in the ac_counter_log folder but they are not emailing to my gmail account.

I looked in my Gmail spam folder. My ac counter files were sitting in there. :slight_smile: Now if only someone could help me with the 3G modem script for startup my mission would be complete. 3G USB Modem Script