DAL 1325 July 27 2011 Circled many times before landing

I am curious. I live outside of KBTR and heard the thrust of a plane today heading southeast towards Nola. Extremely rare since the flight path for flights from the west is much farther to my south. I saw that the flight originated from Los Angeles and landed in Baton Rouge today after it circled for many times before landing in KBTR. It just took off for a 19 minute flight to New Orleans, its original final destination. Does anyone know why this happened today?

Even more interesting is your usage of a time machine! :smiley:

okay, I know… you mean JUNE 27th
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Bad week for that flight I guess. On the next day (28th), the return trip to LA was going to divert to Phoenix, then decided to keep going to LA, then finally landed in Tucson. <<Permalink>>
(Same aircraft flies right back to LAX so Delta uses the same flight #1325 for both)