Crosswind Landing video of 777 and 747


Found this video of when they did a high crosswid landing test on the 777 and 747SP (Mostly the 777)…pretty amazing.

Click Here For Video


Don’t forget the power of foreshortening. The longer the lens is that is used, the more the plane will appear to be sideways. A pretty long lens was used for this clip.

I also like the way the hanging of the wheels makes it look like they’re pointing sideways.

Also, notice that the clips alternate which direction the wind is blowing, thus emphasizing the effect.


Thanks for the insightful comments.

I am not a videographer/photographer, so I never knew a lens could make for such a dramatic effect.

Nice video nonetheless.


What I would do, since these planes are basically cylinders, is to view how many fuselage diameters the plane is crabbing by. Then, take a model with the appropriate length to diameter ratio and hold it sideways by that amount. Then you’ll have a more accurate picture of how much the crabbing is. It’s still significant, in some places, it looks like about 2 diameters of the fuselage.

The foreshortening effect I referred to will exaggerate the angle because it makes the plane look shorter. But the sideways displacement should be pretty accurate.

Clear as mud, I know, but I hope you follow.


Wow ! awesome video !! When I land in cross-winds (C172), which can be frequent in the summer @ KHIO, I do indeed struggle with the transistion from flare and intial main gear touching, often times I am sure that from towers perpective, I look barely in control of the aircraft…which really isn’t the case…although the landings I’m sure look terrible…


I just realized, it must take a lot of steady nerves and a lot of skill to land in a heavy crosswind in a plane as big as a 777 & 747…bet the captain was looking out the co-pilot’s window on that 777 landing.