Create link to historical flight data

Is it possible to construct a valid link to historical flight data from data retrieved from FlightXML?

For example, this flight:

I’ve queried that flight via FlightXML and retrieved the faFlightID of ASA412-1512282387-airline-0081. Is it possible to construct a link to the former from the latter?

I’d like to give users an easy way to view data about a particular flight on your web site. Let me know how.



Use the following format: "" + faFlightId

For example:

Ah, that’s EXACTLY what I needed. Thanks so much! Is this documented anywhere?

Also, I thought I saw on the site somewhere that I could download the FlightAware logo to brand the links to your site from mine, but now I don’t see the logo artwork. Can you point me to it so I can properly credit you guys?

I’ve mentioned the URL trick at least a couple of times in this forum when people have asked about it, but I don’t believe it’s officially documented anywhere.

Logo usage is

Thanks so much. Perhaps putting this in the docs somewhere would save you
having to re-answer it in the future?