create flight plan for Fedex into and out of Indianapolis

I am new and trying to create real Fedex AI traffic for KIND. I am trying to use flightaware for this. I track all KIND traffic, pick out the FDX Arrive and Depart. I use a depart flight number to KPDX, but when that flight number gets to KPDX it disappears and changes to some other flight number for the next leg of the trip. That airplane can’t spend 24 hours waiting to return to Indy and that number never shows up as going to INDY. There are other flight numbers making trips to INDY. How do I track all legs of a route for the flightplan for Indy? Thanks. Lynn

Flight numbers are typically only operated one way. After arriving in KPDX, the aircraft may return to KIND under a new flight number (sometimes one-off from the flight number for the KIND-KPDX leg) or it may continue on to another destination with a new flight number. We don’t receive any information on which aircraft tail number is operating which flight number.


With FedEx and many other cargo carriers, the return flight quite often isn’t the reverse of the outbound flight. For example, a flight could fly IND-PDX then route PDX-SEA-IND on the return. There is a logical reason for this. There may be more cargo from IND to PDX than there is from PDX to IND. In this case, they’d want to pick up additional cargo in SEA.