Crazy...Piaggio P180 pilot shot at Wendys...


Shooting at a Wendys restaurant in West Palm Beach

Carl Michalek: Wounded

According to Carl Michalek, the pilot from Texas, the second shot hit him.

Michalek, who flies chartered business jets for Western Airways in Sugarland, Texas, had arrived Saturday in Palm Beach County. On Monday morning, he began learning to fly a two-engine Italian turboprop plane, the Piaggio Avanti.

He was studying at Flight Safety International on Southern Boulevard on the perimeter of Palm Beach International Airport, just around the corner from where Vazquez was taking his fire-rescue training.

Michalek drove a rental car to Wendy’s by himself and sat on the far side of the restaurant to eat.

“I heard the first shot and jumped a bit, and then the second shot hit me in the arm,” he says. “It blew me right out of the chair onto the floor against the west wall of the restaurant. From there I couldn’t really see what happened next.”

But he heard more shooting.

Blake apparently fired eight more shots from that first clip before stopping to reload.

Palm Beach Post Full story.


yea, the first shot the guy took, killed a fireman from the station that would serve my house. Very, very sad situation. Resturant opened back up 2 days ago.


The Vazquezes picked up their meals and went to their car, but Ray Vazquez returned to the restaurant to exchange a promotional toy for Adrian.

Pribyl says he watched Blake turn and fire his first shot at Vazquez “point-blank” from behind and about 2 feet away. Vazquez “never saw it coming,” Pribyl says.

That’s one of the saddest things I’ve ever read.


The poor kid has to live with that for the rest of his life. After reading how this went down, I haven’t been as irritated about the little things lately.


Welcome to West Palm Beach! He must really hate that town.