Crash in Branson, Mo.

Radio report of 16 passanger plane crash at intersection of Hwy.76 and 165.

Hit storage unit and is on fire. Around 12:30 PM. … index.html

The initial radio report is incorrect, the plane is a 6-seat Piper Seneca.

Tail N21RR

You can check airport pairs (KPLK/KLBB) and find this:

Ident Status Departure Time Arrival Time Operator Aircraft
N21RR Cancelled Mon 12:00PM CST Cancelled PAUL WARREN JOHNSON DDS INC Piper Seneca

The Flight Tracking page for N21RR shows nothing. There is no entry for N21RR at either KPLK or KLBB airport page. A “cancelled” flight would probably have been deleted from the Airport Activity pages.

The Piper Seneca is a 6-seat plane, not 16.

I don’t understand why he would have cancelled. It was solid IFR ALL day in MO today. Also an airmet for icing from SFC to FL240. He would have to be an idiot to blast off today in a Seneca… Strange…?

The cancellation of the flight plan was not necessarily by the pilot. It may have been cancelled by ATC staff after the fact of the crash. No telling what the time of cancellation was.

Happened here in my town.Lost of smoke from it. It caught storage sheds on fire and took near 8 hours to get completly out.