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Couple strange Callsigns out of KPAE


Cannot find much on them. Coming out of Paine Field where Boeing is. ICAO was seen with Boeing Test flight numbers earlier but cannot find a listing for A/C type yet

|AE5E0C|Flag|MDUSA02|3577|29,475 ▲|475|75.6|104°|8058|0|

|AE574F|Flag|MDUSA01|1511|31,025 ▲|467|84.4|104°|6589|19|


AE5E0C is 17-46031
AE574F is 15-46009
Both are newly delivered USAF Boeing KC-46A Pegasus on their way to McConnell AFB.


Thanks, good research.


Callsign on delivery flight was Medusa.