Couple of questions

Afternoon all
OK I’ve been playing with different antennas over the last few days and settled on a coax collinear. Two questions , I’m receiving on average about 30 or 40 aircraft with a messages rate of around 250 but every now and again that just drops off to 20 and around 50 messages per second. Then over a short period go back up to the first figures. This is in a space of 15 mins. I understand planes drop off etc. But this is quite a drastic drop. My thoughts is interference but any thoughts. Next question is a bit loaded I know but is 40 to 50 total aircraft with 30 with positions and 200 messages per second poor, OK or good. Thanks

Check out @abcd567 posts on gain optimisation.

He also has great stuff to see if you need a filter.

Look at the stats for the receivers near you. They will give you an indication of what you can expect. seems to do very well. It is possible that they have a better location(ie higher or less interference).

Thanks for the replies, tried gain setting and -10 agc seems to work best for me. Agreed with the interference, I’m located at a high location and the antenna is also on the roof so inevitably really. I’ll have to invest in a filter and hopefully that will help.

Thanks John, some nice tips.