Today I saw several photos stolen from the site of Airbus posted to this site by a “photographer” inflicting all the rules of copyright.

I have seen it frequently here on the site, as happened to my photos, which were stolen and published here, but after much request the site they were removed.

what to do?

Copyright is a HUGE PROBLEM and it will be one until the Supreme Court gets involved :exclamation: I have other photos on the the great wide web which have my watermarks on them. But for the most part I don’t put my photos on the web for the trust and the many rules each and every website comes up with, there just isn’t any order and fairness. This is the reason I have been a stick in the mud with FlightAware and other website rules. Yes they have removed some of the photos I wanted them to remove. And I have asked them to remove several more. But Copyrighted work has taken a real beating since the Internet has come out.

For any dispute over the ownership of a posted file, the entity claiming to be the owner needs to send us a DMCA takedown request.

Users on the internet are more or less anonymous, so the DMCA takedown process defined by congress balances the rights of the copyright holder against the rights of the uploader.

Maybe he registered on the Airbus site as media and has the right to re-post? All his B744 photos come up on the 1st page when googled and they might fall under ‘commons’ or fair use rules,
Example: … 1A_OKJ.jpg
anyone could copy this file and post it here.

Look here for more info

And then again it might not fall under CC Creative Commons?

JAL 747 … 79_arp.jpg anyone can use

Korean Air 747 … 750pix.jpg anyone can use

and so on…

What’s more,
a user has recently used two of my photos that were already here and posted on the website again, you could see the water mark is superimposed, and I had to ask several times to remove the site for the photo of the site, finally after several requests was attended by the site.

if you look you will find these things here, stolen photos and put right here.

I think the site is proposed to have a photo section then it should look more closely at these events.

The reality is if you post a photo on the web it can be stolen/appropriated.
That relatively few are is a testament to most people’s honesty but there is nothing you can do to prevent it. Even if you take steps such as disabling right click etc., at the very least a screen capture will lift your photo.

If you are concerned about your photo(s) being used, don’t post them. Anywhere. Simple as that.

(BTW anyone finds one of mine they want, you’re welcome :stuck_out_tongue: )

Very good advice.

What you say is True and False?

so that means the photos, especially on this site do not belong to anyone, everyone does what he wants with what is not yours.

but this does not happen in other photo sites, why?

It depends on the rules of the website?

What makes you think it doesn’t ?

I do not see it so often in the other photo sites, here is explicitly, precisely because there is a screener, so the pictures come automatically which facilitates the discussion only after it is found that the photo is taken.
I think it should be like in, where there are screeners but the photos only come after a review to see if they are within the rules of the site.

this is my opinion.