Continental Express pilot sees object near plane

This must have scared the hell out of the pilot!
Was it a home made rocket…or a UFO?

Links: … /KIAH/KGSP … wD98IUCH00

A few highlights from the story:

Federal and local authorities are trying to find the source of a “strange object” the pilot of a Continental Express plane reported flying about 150 feet beneath his plane in southeast Texas.

DeFoor said a Continental Airlines pilot reported a similar incident in May 2008. He said it was roughly in the same area as Friday night’s report.

“While we have no information to indicate there was a criminal act, we certainly do not rule anything out and certainly would not want to speculate on what it may or may not have been,” FBI spokeswoman Shauna Dunlap said.

150 feet vertical seperation sounds like a busted FAR to me. Book 'im, Danno!

Very strange - similar incident reported roughly one year apart, in the same area by the same airline.

What he doesn’t say is a vague description of speed? If it was moving not too much faster than he then it could be a civilian plane, if it was moving pretty fast it could be a military plane, if it was moving unbelievably fast then none of the above.

Doesn’t surprise me about being reported by the same airline though… Southeast Texas would have tons of Continentals going in & out of KIAH

I’ve always thought some of those ERJs look like rockets with their pointy little noses.