Connectivity certain times of the day

Have a PiAware collector on RPi4 running in Plant City, Florida (KPCM) and after recent rebuilding was doing 700-800k positions a day. About a week ago, it lost (wifi) connectivity and seems to only come alive in the late afternoon then lose connectivity again. Any ideas on cause?

Is your device connected all the time or is it showing the same pattern?
I would check the piaware logs for it

May not be a loss of WiFi, could be a dump1090 issue, PiAware or even the adsb tuner at fault.

Be easy to set up a simple ‘ping’ script at intervals to check if connectivity has been lost. Wont explain in case you are familiar with script files. How far is Pi from router? If you are able to ssh into the pi then iwconfig will give you signal strength and link quality. If it is not installed then sudo apt install wireless-tools will install it.


If it’s not too difficult, string a wire temporarily instead of using WiFi. If your connectivity issues go away, you know the problem. If they don’t, then it isn’t the WiFi.

For me it is the WiFi connect, at least my system cannot ping an address outside my LAN.
Due to that i am using “Monit” as service, pinging an internet host every 60 seconds. if failed three times, it reboots the device.

I tried to find the root cause, but i can live with that solution.

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