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Losing connection

using PIaware on a PI4 on wifi with eero. Very strange. if the PI connects itself to the main router or one eero, all good, and when it connects to the third eero, I lose all connectivity with FA but everything seems ok. The issue is that the way eeros work you can’t force a device on a specific node and depending on condition devices swap eeros. Can’t move my PI too much, given antenna location.

Any ideas?

Others here have reported problems using mesh WiFi.
If you can bypass the mesh or use a cable, it’ll obviously bypass the problem, but I assume both are impractical?

I had a similar situation.
The Raspi 4 disconnects from the my access point which is connected via Mesh to my main router.
After a reboot, the device connected again. Sometimes only for few hours, sometimes for days. I never got it resolved, i was using a script which pinged the main router every five minutes and rebooted once the ping did not go through.

Finally i exchanged the Raspi4 with my former Raspi3 which never had this issue.
And what should i say, the Raspi4 now operates without issues indoor, connected to the same AP as before

I’ve read lot of things, tried also to disable power management and used a different firmware for the chip.
But at the end the problem came back at some point.

As it’s working now, i did not run further root cause analysis.

Thanks, between your response and @geckoVN’s, looks like a known issue with mesh and not really solvable so I’ll use your workaround(s).