Comparison of COCO antenna V Skyscanner


I have been using a generic wideband scanner antenna but recently constructed a 7 element Coaxial-Collinear antenna which I placed inside a 2m piece of 22mm electrical conduit. Both antennas are at approx same height as you can see here. Not sure why the pic is on its side as the original is fine , you can see the scanner antenna at the base of the collinear , the other white antenna is a 70cms/2m dual band ( I’m a Radio Ham )

The performance difference between the two is very noticeable as you can see here

Scanner Antenna

COCO Antenna

Needless to say I’ll be sticking with the collinear

Make a 1/4 wavelength groundplane (Spider), and make a comparison.

Now the picture looks better.

It does , thank you

It’s on my list of projects 8)