Company Aircraft

I found some company aircraft.These are the ones I found.
Alain Belda:N264A
Black & Decker:N32B (Blocked)
Calvin Klein:N600CK
Duraflame Inc.:N907DF
Google:N2767 (Blocked)
Harrahs:N168CE (Blocked)
Johnson & Johnson:N600J (Blocked)
McDonalds Corp:N1967M (Blocked)
McDonalds Corp:N1955M (Blocked)
MGM Mirage:N721MM
Micron Technology:N841DW
Micron Technology:N318MT
Motorola Inc.:N198M (Blocked)
Motorola Inc.:N475M (Blocked)
Motorola Inc.:N550M (Blocked)
Motorola Inc.:N937M (Could Not Find)
NCR Corp:N70CR (Blocked)
Nike:N6453 (Blocked)
Nike:N1KE (Blocked)
Nissan:N240Z (Blocked)
Oakly Sunglasses Corp:N2T (Blocked)
Trinity Broadcasting Corp:N3PC (Blocked)
Venitian Hotel:N804MS (Blocked)
Viking Range:N680VR
Waffle House:N500GF (Blocked)
Waffle House:N501GF (Blocked)
Walt Disney Comapny:N100ES (Blocked)
Walt Disney Company:N300ES (Blocked)
Waste Management:N671WM (Blocked)
Xerox:N914X (Blocked)
Xerox Corperation:N1090X (Blocked)
General Electric:N363G (Blocked)
General Electric:N374G (Blocked)
General Electric:N800NB
General Electric:N376G (Blocked)
General Electric:N372G (Blocked)
General Electric:N379G (Blocked)
General Electric:N373G (Blocked)
Bank Of America:N303CS
Bank Of America:N514CS
Bank Of America:N306CS
Bank Of America:N300CS
Bank Of America:302CS
Bank Of America:N304CS
Bank Of America:N305CS
J.P. Morgan Chase:N605CH (Blocked)
J.P. Morgan Chase:N540CH
J.P. Morgan Chase:N640CH
J.P. Morgan Chase:N8434 (Not Found)
Chevron:N1624 (Blocked)
Chevron:N1625 (Blocked)
ConocoPhillips:N665CP (Blocked)
Verizon Wireless:N411VZ (Blocked)
Hewlett-Packard:N84HP (Blocked)
Hewlett-Packard:N874C (Blocked)
Hewlett-Packard:N884L (Blocked)
Wal-Mart:N451WM (Blocked)
Wal-Mart:N452CJ (Blocked)
Wal-Mart:N271SC (Blocked)
Wal-Mart:N31TK (Blocked)
Wal-Mart:N313BH (Blocked)
Wal-Mart:N395LJ (Blocked)
Wal-Mart:N56LF (Blocked)
Wal-Mart:N261SC (Blocked)
Wal-Mart:N815E (Blocked)
Wal-Mart:N77PY (Blocked)
Wal-Mart:N370SC (Blocked)
Wal-Mart:N78PR (Blocked)
Wal-Mart:N834AF (Blocked)
Wal-Mart:N727BT (Blocked)
Wal-Mart:N601HW (Blocked)
Wal-Mart:N2623H (Could Not Find)
Wal-Mart:N81MR (Blocked)

These are the aircraft I found. Feel free to correct any mistakes I made, and please add on to this list.

One thing you should know about the Bank of America aircraft is that many, if not most, of them are actually leased out to companies.

FedEx Corp. jets…maybe missed some, just happened to be looking at MEM this morning shortly after they departed.

Including the two mentioned by IADFXMD11HYV,

Here all of the aircraft registered to Federal Express Leasing according to the FAA Registry. It includes the 2 aircraft mentioned by IADFXMD11HVY: Bombardier Global Express Canadair Challenger Canadair Challenger Learjet 35 Learjet 45 Learjet 45 Learjet 45 Learjet 45 Canadair Challenger Canadair Challenger Learjet 45 Cessna 208

All of the Bank of America aircraft are, or were, CitationShares aircraft. Also, N800NB is a GE Capital financed aircraft, not operated by GE Flight Dept. N8434, attributed to JP MorganChase, is not a company aircraft, but financed also. The “CH” tail numbers are JPMC flight dept.

Yeah, be careful with airplanes registered to banks. Most, if not all, the big banks have large leasing divisions. They may have an airplane of their own but most of those you see are leased out. Even small local banks may get into leasing for one or two of their best local companies.
The company comes in, gets approved, goes out and finds an airplane does the pre buy stuff then calls the bank with the money transfer details, the FAA re-registers it and thats about it. The bank never sees it.

Outback Steakhouse (N970S)

I don’t think public companies should be allowed to block their planes. Especially these thieves… N623QW Qwest Corporation. Being a Falcon 2000 they should register it in France as F-RAUD.

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So…Where do you think Ebay bought their jet from? :laughing:

FA has Ebay’s G550 as a G-V. not sure why… Ebay bought that straight from the OEM 6/05.

I get it…good one! :wink: :laughing:

California Pizza Kitchen

Foster Farms

Here are some more:

ExxonMobil:N306EM (Blocked)
Toyota Motor:N230RG (Could Not Find)
Toyota Motor:N319JS (Could Not Find)

Here are the aircraft of gas companies.
I am not putting the links on these
N1624 (Blocked)
N1625 (Blocked)
N17237 (Could Not Find)
N31079 (Could Not Find)
N401HB (Blocked)
N17592 (Could Not Find)
N7159H (Could Not Find)
N715CC (Could Not Find)
N4089L (Could Not Find)
N104LP (Could Not Find)
N17238 (Could Not Found)
N206MB (Could Not Find)
N39LR (Could Not Find)
N427CK (Could Not Find)
N427CU (Could Not Find)
N427JT (Could Not Find)
N430CF (Could Not Find)
N430CH (Could Not Find)
N50588 (Could Not Find)
N5253Y (Could Not Find)
N53702 (Could Not Find)
N5403C (Could Not Find)
N5414X (Could Not Find)
N5447C (Could Not Find)
N6533U (Could Not Find)
N6533Y (Could Not Find)
N7159J (Could Not Find)
N7957J (Could Not Find)
N83109 (Could Not Find)
N8776 (Could Not Find)
N9919K (Could Not Find)
N575CT (Blocked)


One of the casinos in Vegas has a B747SP…and I believe an L1011…I can’t remeber which, but I remember seeing their pics on

Steve Wynn has an MD-80…not sure if he has any other aircraft. I had the luxury of seeing the interior once upon a time…he had gone to FL back when the Final 4 was held in St. Pete.

Rooney Holdings

Owner of Manhattan Construction (Dallas Cowboys new stadium, Bush library @ Texas A&M, Relliant Stadium (Houston, TX)) and envoy for the US to the Vatican


Check this discussion.

TKS, I tried to watch the Youtube link, but t just goes to their home page…oh well maybe someday I’ll be a high roller getting a ride on that bird… :wink:

CVS Pharmacy Inc.

Love’s Travel Stops