Commercial service at LAL


I understand Sky King will begin domestic service out of LAL around the first of the year. I have also heard several other carriers have expressed an interest in serving the airport. Any idea who they are? It has been quite a few years since LAL has had any kind of airline operations and I do hope they make a go of it. They have been awarded a large grant from FDOT for upgrading and expanding the terminal, baggage handling equipment and accommodating TSA. They also have a hangar being retrofitted for Sky King’s heavy maintenance department to service their Boeing 737’s. Sounds like this will take off one way or another.


As of now Sky King is a charter airline. They mainly do sports teams and such. I worked several Sky King 737 charters in 2002 or 2003. They were filming Legally Blonde (1 2 3 I dunno never watched it) and the cast was flown to SPI as they allowed filming inside the capitol building here (DC would not allow it).


They also operate several times daily flights to between MIA and Cuba.

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