Commercial AMEL Program??

I currently hold a ASEL commerical pilot certificate with instrument rating. I am not persuing a professional pilot career full-time, but have interest in getting my commerical multi-engine rating, as I may want to fly part-time in years to come.

My allocated budget is $10,000. What are my options, and what program do you think is best suited for me, given the ratings I already have?

Call up ATP, give 'em 4-5k, and you’ll have an CP-AMEL ticket in 4 days.

How much XC, night, actual, PIC, etc time?

You might not have to spend the money at a pilot mill like some mentioned, and you might actually learn something in the process. Talk to your local flight schools, and talk to their students.

If you have the required time of the above listed, and get the hang of those maneuvers, you could surely do the rating for about a third of your budget.

Honestly, if you have your instrument, your commercial should be a breeze. They say the commercial rating is the last time you actually get to have fun as you work your way up the ratings ladder, and I agree with “they”.

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This is a good program. I did it and was happy with it

It probably is a good program, but with his experience, he might do better. If you don’t require your Commercial in 4 days, look at a local 141 school. ATP does an okay job, but the quality and quantity is just not there period.

He also might be able to save 1000 bucks because he may have most of his “boxes” checked already.

Bottom line is there are options, I’d like to know more about his background before recommending the “quick and dirty” route.

No offense, I’ve heard about 50/50 for ATP.

?? most People get their Multi in 14 hours or less. AND I’m sorry to the OP- I did my ATP in the 4 day program. My buddy did the 4 day multi and was happy with it.
Sorry to say but you don’t really lean about flying ANYTHING till you get out and do it A LOT.
Spend as little as you can to get the rating

Total: 539hrs
PIC: 387hrs
Night: 23hrs
X-Country: 153hrs
Actual: 26hrs
Complex: 34hrs

Most of my time is in various Piper Warriors, Archers, and all my complex is in Arrows. I have some time in a Citabria (tail dragger), 152s and 172s.

I’ve accumulated these over a period of about 6 years. I’ve done all my instruction through a part 61 school. To this point I’ve taken a lacks approach towards achieving ratings. However, being off my parents ticket now shortly, reality has set in. To be marketable I need a CP certificate with MEL rating.

Hope that gives you some idea of my background…

I looked at ATP. Thanks for the recommendation. They look like a viable option here… I just have to win over the parents on the idea. It appears to be something I can tackle during xmas break from college.

OK wow, I completely overlooked the fact that you had your commercial already. Yeah, it’s just your multi, go to ATP, a lot of people go there for just the multi cause it’s quick, and relatively cheap. It shouldn’t take you more than 10-12 hours.

I thought you wanted to do your entire comm. there. A bit douchey on my part.

Call Dunkirk Aviation, KDKK. First class all the way!

Skyventure aviation in Jonesboro or Fayetteville Arkansas.It’s 10 hour program, 8.5 hours dual and 1.5 for checkride, for $2599 minus ground and checkride fee. Exellent program I found them through thier add in the back of Flying magazine.

I’ll second Dunkirk Aviation. Great people. Of course I’m a bit biased.

So! Do you have your rating yet?

Seems flyboy has a point.
Where are you? Try Aviator Flight Training Academy in Ft Pierce, FL. They have a program where you get your Multi + 50 hours for $6400.00.
Sounds to me like you’re looking at the possibility of a professional career.
Build some good hours, 50 of them plus the rating. You have the budget, and you get what you pay for.

I forgot this: