Commentary: Fallen brothers found - and lost

By Joseph L. Galloway | McClatchy Newspapers

[Joe Galloway is the co-author, along with Gen. Moore, of the book *“We Were Soldiers Once … And Young”. During the Vietnam War Galloway served three tours in Vietnam for UPI, beginning in early 1965. Decorated for rescuing wounded American soldiers under heavy enemy fire during the battle at Landing Zone X-Ray in the Ia Drang Valley, he is the only civilian awarded the Bronze Star by the United States Army during that war.]

I made innumerable attempts to copy and post the text of the article, all were thwarted by the dreaded “Debug Mode”.

Although it takes a few steps, the debug mode bug is easy to get around, as I have mentioned a few times in various postings.

  1. Copy-and-paste your text into a blank word processor file (I’m using Word. The following steps may be different in your word processor)
  2. File, save as
  3. select MS Dos. You’ll get a message saying the text mark in red will not save correctly
  4. Close the file you just saved and open again. Make any changes necessary
  5. Copy-and-paste into your posting.

I tried following your excellent advice that I had used to good effect previously Juan.

I only have MS Wordpad on this particular laptop and it didn’t work as you described. Nor did it give me any warnings when saving the file other than the fact that all formatting would be lost.

Probably a case of operator error and I don’t have the patience today to track down the problem.

That was a really good flick…

good read 8)