Comment recevoir les infos du FlightFeeder sur PlanePlotter

Bonjour à tous , je souhaiterais savoir s’il est possible de recevoir les informations du boitier FlightFeeder sur mon logiciel PlanePlotter ?
Et si oui , comment paramétrer PlanePlotter ?
Merci beaucoup . :wink:

Hello everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to receive case information FlightFeeder PlanePlotter my software?
And if so, how to set PlanePlotter?
Thank you very much .

FlightFeeders provide Beast binary format data on TCP port 30005. Planeplotter should be able to understand that (I don’t know the details of configuring it, sorry).

Check the planeplotter website at:

There appears to be a French verision of the YAHOO User Group.

FlightAware Support here.

To use the FlightFeeder as a receiver for PlanePlotter you need to set, in PlanePlotter:

Options-> I/O Settings-> Mode-S/ADS-B-> RTL >RPI+Dump1090

Options-> Mode-S Receiver-> RTL dongle RPi Dump1090-> Setup TCP Client-> IP Address:30005

Where IP Address is the IP Address of the FlightFeeder

Merci beaucoup " FlightAwareSupport " ; cela fonctionne .
Merci beaucoup pour cette aide . :smiley:

Thank you very much ‘FlightAwareSupport’; it works .
Thank you very much for this help. :smiley: