Columbia Jet


November 1-2
Dallas, TX - Jet Preview

Is Columbia designing a jet. I didn’t think they had the financial capabilities to build one.

As if there couldn’t be another VLJ. :unamused: … mbia_Tour/


Building a mock-up and/or a prototype is not the same as producing a certified aircraft as we have seen so many times recently. It seems like you have to show a mock-up these days just to signal to the market that you are still in the game. 10 years from now, it is very hard to believe that we will see 10-15 companies producing VLJs.


“Jet Previews” are held all over the country. They are nothing more than a regional gathering of manufacturer’s showing off their offerings to the demographic of their target buyers. They’re like a mini NBAA show, if you will. You may see piston singles to Gulfstreams…it just depends on who chooses to participate.


thanks for the clarifying that.


Don’t think they have the technical capabilitiies to do the design anymore. Over the last couple years, there has been a significant loss of engineering expertise to various other companies, like Epic. The pace of their new products shows how smart some of those guys are. You can say Columbia has a “lean” operation that is inplace to support production, but they don’t have the resources to do much beyond that. The lack of significant product changes really shows this.