VLJ's ? Are they truly the next BIG thing for private jets ?


…So will Very Light Jets really change the paradigm and shift high-speed access to the masses ? Supposedly that is the prediction…VLJ’s cost a fraction of a full size business jet…

…although used Slowtations (the exception is the X) err…I mean Citations for 1-2 million USD (10 year old, at least)…better to buy used than new ?

…What’d ya think ?


Some of the things provided in the the new VLJs that you’re not likely to find in a 10YO used business jet:

  1. FADEC.

  2. Full glass panels with all the whistles and bells completely integrated.

  3. Latest generation engines that sip fuel, rather than gulp it.

  4. Etc., etc.


You’re obvoiusly not a Cessna fan. What about the Sovereign? 459 KTAS! sovereign.cessna.com/performance.chtml

Or the XLS! About 430 KTAS!

They’re not slow at all! You’re totally confusing the smaller and slower models with the faster ones! Unaceptable! :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp:


…relax…I do indeed find the Sovereign (I have the Flying issue that reviewed it recently) very nice indeed…in fact I have flown on Citations before…there very nice as well…heck, I think the Caravan on floats is extremely cool !!! Cessna fan, yes…for sure…


That doesn’t sound like what a Cessna fan would say :exclamation: (Bold added.)


I’ll play the role of dami’s advocate…Here’s a similar thread from the not-too-distant past: