Coldplay Tour

Does anyone have a tail on Coldplay’s plane for this 2009 tour?

You know how I know you’re gay??

I guess that your hinting at all the buyers of 2,144,000+ copies of Viva la Vida and all of Coldplay’s other ablums are gay too?

Coldplay is a good band!

dabbledap and all the other millions of people who like coldplay know what good music is, unlike you.

They usually fly on ExpressJet Airlines (ERJ-145). I’ve seen them a few times on them, but Chris Martin (lead singer) usually has other means of transportation (i.e. stay over and airline/charter out the next day)

if you want to follow them, try looking for “BTA####” to show up on the tracks…they usually leave within an hour of the show

hope this helps…oh and btw, you know how i know you’re gay???

hahaha we all follow someone right? (see elton john/billy joel feed)

Hey, some of the best rockers of all time are/were gay. Rob Halford, Freddy Mercury, Elton John, Bobby Beers…Legends one and all.

I didn’t say anything about gays…

I kinda hope flyboy wasn’t refering to dabbledap’s name as gay. If he was, I made a big mistake with my earlier post.

All those years hanging out in “alternative lifestyle” clubs have honed Flyboy’s gaydar. :stuck_out_tongue:

:unamused: …I’ve never taken much faith in the musical tasted of most, I beleive Coldplay sounds no different than other "alterna"rockers.

Apples and oranges, or fruits from nuts un this case, Rob Halford would destroy Coldplay, it’s roadies and any security it brings along. Although some might say, myself included that his later work post Priest, and Priest part 2 is a little gay as well.

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I guess there are only a few of us on the forum that have seen the movie.

I thought it was funny, almost as funny as none of the older folks or kids getting it.

I guess no one has seen Rock Star either as I made a reference to it in my post also, oh well :laughing:

Here it is in YYC:

Neat! Just saw they have a gig in Charlotte, NC tonight and there is already a flight plan out of CLT, they are headed back to NYC(TEB) on 371.

I have a question though, why are there gaps in their flight history? There is no flight plan that had them arriving into CLT. … /CYYZ/CYUL




08/04 OFF

08/05 OFF

(No charter flight to Raleigh)



Only charter flight I don’t see is the one coming into Raleigh. With a few days off after the Mansfield show,
it is possible that the band was free to do what they wanted and make their own way to Raleigh.

I’m with ya! It was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the title of the thread, too.