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CoAx Loss calculator

The question about CoAx comes up every few days (in one form or another)

Here is a calculator to help to see ho bad you cable is (or that it really doesn’t matter).

TimesMicrowave cable calculator

Of course there are many assumptions involved - TimesMicrowave make good / excellent cable and assume you are comparing similar quality, not some garbage that cost 10c per meter.
Similarly, if you only paid 50c for you connectors and your soldering iron looks more like a hammer, a free calculator may be overcapitalizing!


Handy table quite comprehensive with many coax types.

Hm, but why is there no field to add the attentuation documented for a specific cable? In many shops you can get the cable with the same name and description, only the attentuation changes.

Let me explain it to you.
It is an Attenuation Calculator
If you already know the attenuation, you don’t need a calculator.


Uff… i should take a break. Thanks

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@geckoVN I have used this calculator before, but am a bit puzzled at the output line titled : Maximum Cable Assembly Insertion Loss.

For example 100ft of RG6 at 1090 Mhz is listed as 9.8dB nominal loss.
Typical connector loss is listed as .1 dB/ pair.
Maximum Cable Assembly Insertion Loss is listed as 10.9 dB

Seems an extra whole 1.0 dB loss for a made up cable ?! Somehow I’d expect cable plus connector loss = 9.9dB or so. How would you read that ?

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I have to agree - I’d like to think I’m getting less than 0.5dB loss per connector though.
I wondered about only listing “RG-6” with no variations (as we know, “RG-6” covers all manner of sins). I had a look over their site and they don’t seem to list RG-6 at all. I guess it is just there for comparison.
I guess even if it is not spot on, it’ll give a good comparison between different cable types (when used sensibly!)

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