Closed Airports

I only see IAD is closed, yet see no arrivals/departures to/from DCA and BWI. Are they closed, too? If so, why does the FAA not report this?

Check the notams at each airport…IAD is closed except for aircraft with prior permission…

I looked at the BWI/DCA notams, and they list the runways that are closed. If all the runways are unusable, that would preclude fixed wing operations, but the airport isn’t “closed” because they would want to provide helicopter services.

edit: I do agree it is odd not to have some type of note about the status of the Northeast corridor airports on the Command Center page…

All three DC area airports were closed late Friday evening and all day Saturday.

KDCA remains closed as of 5:45pm, Sunday local time.

KBWI was closed until 4:58pm, Sunday local time, when a BA 763 landed, and several other flights now en route.

KIAD reopened around 6:15am, Sunday local time and has been quite busy today.

For a local report: I live 11 miles north of KIAD in Maryland. Our power (and water) went out at 7pm Friday evening and was restored at 2pm Sunday. Our local snowfall was 27". Our power company reported over 2,700 downed wires needing repair, and 67,000 people in the dark. Temperature inside the house got as low as 37 degrees.

Greater DC had over 200,000 people without power.