clearing old data

Why doesn’t the old arrival data clear faster? Can I set some preference to remove day old data so the new arrivals are easier to see?

On airport pages or flight pages?

I guess it would be airport page. When viewing arriving/departing summary.

Old flights are removed from the Arrival and Departure boards 24 hours after they arrive or depart, so you should never see flights over a day old.

I suppose thats my answer, 24 hours to clear data. This makes it tough in our application of the program in our line office, seeing a flight arriving say at 3pm, its currently 1pm so did that flight arrive yesterday or should I be expecting it. With no date in the data and this lagging info, it makes the arrival list cluttered and doesn’t present an accurate picture. The other program we use clears this info pretty much when the aircraft lands, do you expect to improve this area in the future?

If it’s 1pm and you see that a flight has arrived at 3pm means that it’s yesterday since it’s in the past. If it’s in the future, it will be listed under “En Route” rather than “Arrivals.”

What airport is this? I imagine it’s somewhat low activity to have this confusion.

I think I may see what the confusion is, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the level of activity at a particular airport. Your “Arrivals” shows aircraft that have arrived. You don’t show “Planned or Scheduled” Arrivals as you show “Scheduled Departures”. FBOweb shows both planned arrivals and planned departures. Apparently, using your software, we only know when they are actually wheels up that they are coming.

Showing “planned arrivals” has been discussed a fair bit. However, without adding a 5th airport table, I’m not sure what the best way is to present this data. Should a filed departure time (plus the ETE) be sorted with equal weight to an estimated arrival time? Flights generally tend to depart after their filed departure time, so you’d regularly list short flights on the “future arrivals” display above planes that are actually en route and likely to arrive on time.

If I had a choice I suppose I would prefer seeing information on who was planning to arrive as opposed to who already has. That info is more useful in our application.

Maybe it’s preferable to add a 5th (and 6th) airport table. The fifth would be “Pre-enroute to Kxxx” and the sixth could be “Diverted from Kxxx”.

How do you handle a flight like N345SP which is enroute KADS/KHOT with no arrival time in the flight plan? That plane is currently shown departed KADS and shows a track on the aircraft page, but is not shown en-route on the KHOT page because there is no indicated ETA. “Pre-enroute” might be a good table to ‘park’ that flight in on the KHOT page. At least viewers of the KHOT page would have a link to click to get a current status.