a new layout for the airports


have a past/present/future kind of thing.
Arrived Departed
Arrivals Departues
Scheduled Arrivals Scheduled Departures

cause the layout now confuses me. every plane i click on has arrived already or departed already. even enroute ones have arrived like 3-4 hours ago.

and get times of when it did land/depart or when it will.


Arrivals means aircraft that have arrived (“past”)
Departures means aircraft that have departed (“past”)
En Route/Scheduled to means aircraft that are either enroute (in the air) to or scheduled to the airport (“present”)
Scheduled Departures means aircraft that are scheduled to depart the airport. (“future”)

What is so difficult about that?


Go to your FlightAware profile and you can flip the order of the boxes (top/bottom).


Do you mean they are listed as scheduled arrivals in the En Route/Scheduled board and their most recent arrival was at a different airport?