Im new to this and dont really understand the live tracking.


im trying to track flights at my local airport cuz I like to watch planes land and stuff. I dont understand how to read when them come to my airport and leave my airport. I mean what is the differents between arrivals and en route/scheduled? To me that seems like the same thing. Then you have departures and scheduled departures. What is the difference between all of these?

Can someone explain to me how to understand these? Im not sure what category to look under when I want to know when people are landing and leaving.

Sorry if this question is dumb, but I just wanted to know.

Thanks in advance.


Arrivals means it has arrived at your airport.

Enroute means the plane is in the air enroute to your airport.

Scheduled means it is scheduled to come to your airport and has not taken off yet.

Departure means it has left your airport.

Scheduled departure means it is SCHEDULED to depart your airport but hasn’t done so yet.