Cirrus "the-jet" to fly today


I have heard from a close friend at Cirrus that the jet WILL fly today. There is no PR from Cirrus or anything; just heard from a very good source at Cirrus Design. It will be interesting, considering Piper is days from flying their jet too.


Okay, heres what happened. The jet’s takeoff was delayed due to an incoming Northwest Airlines jet ( Once the NWA plane landed, the-jet was ready to takeoff, but then for some reason, takeoff was aborted. The jet taxied back to the former NWA hanger. Tons of people from Cirrus were at both the hq, and former NWA hanger (where the jet is being built) watching. I suspect disapointment from Cirrus. I don’t know what the problem was however. I don’t know if they will attempt another takeoff today.



I am assuming that picture is of Cirrus just lifting the front wheel off the ground (whatever that is called).


‘The-Jet’ has been doing ‘visible rotation of the nose-wheel’, on DLH’s runway 27 - there are photographers camped out, waiting for the first lift off.


Thanks robbreid. What is the point of doing these?

On another note, the flight today was called off because of wind. Cirrus wants to fly the jet early tommarow (Jule 3) morning.


Stability on rotation and touchdown.


Cirrus Village website free to sign up and you can follow tomorrows events.

Today they had significant crosswinds of 45 degrees plus, and 11 - 16 knots.

As for the trips down the runway, exactly as quoted in above post; testing systems, initial aerodynamics, and getting a feel for over-all characteristics.


Well folks, the-jet has flown. It took off and flew over the the NWA hanger, followed by a blue chase plane. After a 10 minute flight, it touched down. Still looking for a news release from somewhere.


From ANN News:

#11 taxi tests

I’m sure flight video will be up shortly.

I’m guessing the chase plane is N145XX L39C Albatross


I’m guessing the chase plane is N145XX L39C Albatross

That looks like it.


Cool, we go through DLH for customs on the 12th. I’ll have to remember to look for it.


LOVE this sound!


Sounds like a Lear 25.




ANN first flight update


Wow, its been a while since I’ve posted here. Anyway, the jet was great. I was suprised it was so quiet.

Porterjet you should look for the grey hanger on the opposite side of the field, where the jet might be. You will most likely be at the airport terminal, so just look across the airport. There is a hill that kind of obstructs the view of the hanger on the left. You are coming in during the Cirrus Convention here in Dlh. So you will see a spectacle of hundreds of Cirrus planes there. Cirrus may have the jet at Cirrus Design, because of the convention (or at the grey hanger as described earlier), which is way downfield from the terminal. The Cirrus buildings are white. Either way, enjoy youre stay which I take it will be a short few min. I’ll see if I can load some pictures.

jgona, the flight was more like 35-45 minutes, not 10.


Cool, thanks for the info. I think I remember the hangar you’re talking about. You’re right we’ll be in and out.


Just wait til Porterjet departs!! :stuck_out_tongue: