Cirrus SR-22 and a Cessna C172 midair in Wyoming . . .

#1 news 3 fatal in midair near Springs-Sweetwater County Airport in Wyoming.

FlightAware Flight Tracker unconfirmed, SR-22 most likely involved in todays accident.


I bet there is nothing left of the Cirrus.


FAA Preliminary Report SR-22 N8341 and Cessna 172 N758NH.


Looks like the chute deployed just fine.


If I am right, the parachute was designed for mid-air’s. So unless they were only a hundred or so feet of the ground, it seems like a failure.


I flew out of Rock Springs yesterday and noticed the wreckage off the northwest end of the runway. Wreckage looked to be scattered over a large area and the chute and tail were several hundred yards from the cabin and wings of the SR-22. Uncontrolled airports always make me a little nervous. My heart goes out to all family and pilots involved.