Cirrus SR-20 BRS parachute saves four persons . . .

A SR-20 flying at 9000 feet over Norway on May 28/10 encountered heavy icing, pilot reported aircraft became impossible to controls, and lost 6000 feet. BRS chute was deployed, aircraft came down in a mountainous area with no injuries reported to the four on board.

A search was started after the aircraft failed to respond to ATC, when one of the passengers called Oslo Airport via his cell phone.

Photo LN-BCD Cirrus SR20 SRV G3

BRS News and statement

Norwegian News

Question is, why was he in an area with severe icing? Often times I hear of how many have been saved by the BRS in a Cirrus, but I wonder if they should have even been in that situation in the first place.

The initial reports are stating that the cause was due to either icing or possibly flight into IMC.

“The pilot apparently lost control of the aircraft due to disorientation upon entering instrument (IMC) conditions and/or severe icing and elected to deploy his parachute.”

Beginning to sound like a case of their being where they shouldn’t have, albeit with a (relatively) happy ending.