Chicago Google Heat Map


Since I am already sending my Dump1090 data to my own database, I created a simple Google Heat Map based on my ADS-B observed data. It is a rolling 8 hours of data. As you zoom or pan the map, the loaded data will redraw within the bounds of the visible map. The map is a bit sluggish due to the amount of data that the browser has to process. I might decrease the amount of hours of data in the future to help the rendering speed.



Getting some nice arrival/departure patterns on my heatmap.



Hi, would you please how you managed to send data to a database?
Is it php/mysql?
Does it run under a sh script ?


It is a python script on my RPi that calls a PHP script on my hosting site. The PHP script handles the saving of the data into a mySQL database. It is possible to have the Python script connect directly to the mySQL database and save without the need for the PHP scrpt.