Wondering what the consensus on aquiring a cheyenne for personal travel, vs king air/ merlin in reference to saftey/speed/economics.


My guess is lower acquisition cost, higher speed and higher operational cost.

Also, please remain seated with your seat belt fastened at all times.


Lots of models to choose from in those lines.

I’ve flown the Cheyenne 2 and King Air 200, though neither one recently.
Both are comfortable at 250 KTAS. You can push the King Air 200 faster than the 2 but the fuel flow goes up to do it. The Cheyenne 2 will be faster than a King Air A90. The Cheyenne 2 is overpowered compared to the Cheyenne 1. Overpowered is good. It carries more fuel too. Don’t let the stability augmentation system on the Cheyenne 2 scare you, if you fly it by the numbers that will never come into play.
I enjoyed flying both. The only Merlin experience I have was as a lineman years ago. One company that came in daily had a Merlin 2. Nice roomy airplane, but noisy due to the 331 engines. As a wild guess it takes more maintenance than either of the other two, but is reputed to be a nice flying airplane.
As long as you choose carefully, and do a good pre-buy inspection you should be happy with any of them.