Changing location with command line on Pi...


I am investigating putting a GPS on a Pi and mounting in my RV to gather signals on the road (when stationary at various RV parks - probably can’t run while in motion).

Is there any way to feed a position to the MLAT client via command line so I can automate the process with a GPS connected to the Pi? How does this interact if I’ve set a location via the website? Does one take precedence?

(I’m assuming doing MLAT while moving is not possible, right?).



I have seen this option in the new code.

A smart phone can usually provide you with your co-ordinates.
You could just update the website with these details.


Two issues with that.

  1. I might not always be the one driving the RV - my inlaws borrow it, and I think it could contribute a lot by offering coverage in “remote” areas as they travel.
  2. I just want it to happen automatically… :wink:


It sounds like it may be coming soon.