Changing from Dump1090 mutability to Dump1090-fa



i would like to change my Dump1090 from mutability (1.15 dev) to the current Dump1090 from FlightAware, what is the best way to do it, when I’m also feeding FR24 from the same RPi?




TWEAKS >> Tweak-2 >> Option (b) Unistalling dump1090-mutability, and in its place installing dump1090-fa


  1. In removal step, there are two commands, one for removal, other for purging. Using remove command is not necessary, purge command is enough and better. Furthermore, issuing remove command before purge command results in purge not taking place.

    Do NOT use
    sudo dpkg --remove dump1090-mutability

    Use ONLY
    sudo dpkg --purge dump1090-mutability

  2. The above post was made when current version of dump1090-fa was 3.5.0. The current version is now 3.5.3.
    In Step-2: Install dump1090-fa, Please replace 3.5.0 by 3.5.3 in the two installation commands (one command starting with wget, and other command starting with sudo dpkg -i ).

I cannot make these corrections in Tweaks thread, as this forum blocks editing of posts older than one month or so :rage:


thanks, is used remove and had no probelms. I used your “old” instruction but have now 3.5.3 on my system, I think this is because I had PiAware (as feeder) already on my PI.