Champion Air 2691 abort take-off at KBWI.


I was at BWI this afternoon and they cleared CCP2691 for take-off it was rolling and all of a sudden I heard two bangs like the sound of a car back firing , then it slowed and taxied to somewhere. Is there anyway to find out what happen? 8/26/07


CCP2691 departed BWI at 10:00 pm on it orginal flight to Clevland, glad to see it made it in the air.


I was a crew member on the C-141 in the air force. Every once a while an engine would do what is called a compressor stall. It would make a loud bang and shoot flames out the front. I was a loadmaster, not a mechanic, but I was told it was basically a backfire. I’m not sure what caused it, but I do know the few times I was on an airplane that had a compressor stall, nobody was too concerned about it and there was no damage to the engine.

The times I was on a plane that did that, it was on climb out within 5 or 10 minutes of take off. I would assume it is of more concern on the takeoff roll as there is a short loss of power from the engine.