Cessna 310 Ditched in Charleston (SC) Harbor

Now, how to get the thing out??

postandcourier.com/news/2009 … ing_plane/

with a few webbing straps will pick up that nice little 310 and set it gently down at a nearby airport…all it needs is about $5K to hire it.

I went out yesterday afternoon on a buddy’s boat and took a look at it. Definitely a job for a Skycrane or similar. I was thinking that they could bring in a crane/piledriver on treads to get it, but it’s good 300+ yards to solid ground, so I don’t see that working. At high tide though, the plane is definitely in the water, so it’s been getting a saltwater bath a couple of times a day since Saturday. Probably a total loss by now…

At least they got out of the airplane and the area - the pluff mud will just suck you right in and never let you out in those marshes . . .

So they removed the tail from the plane and carried it via helicopter to another local airport (JMZ). Check out the link for the story and a video of them removing it.

postandcourier.com/news/2009 … oved80347/

Well that doesn’t make any sense to me…why chop off a 300 lb tail when they could just pull the engines with no damage and save a lot more weight??

Even removing the fuel alone would reduce more weight than cutting the tail off wouldn’t it? And why not barge the plane closer to the destination, rather than flying it.

Sure. Of course we don’t know how much gas was in it…but a regular 310 of that vintage holds at least 130 gallons. I wonder if they even thought about it? sheesh

Methinks we are seeing the work of amateurs!

Or, the low bidder. :unamused: