Centering map on plane

I just discovered that if you click on the flight number, the map centers on that plane and follows it. Cool.

A cheer for a nice feature – and a whack up side the head for a hidden mode!

One of the curses of the computer age, and particularly of graphic UIs – sticky modes, especially those where you’re not sure how you got there and have no clear clue of how to get out.

With this one at least you can click on Reset Map ] at the top of the screen to get out.

(and in case you’re wondering, yes I do like this feature – mine is more of a meta-gripe about modes)

bob k6rtm

Heheh - don’t get me started. The ones I particularly don’t like are the features where you have to hover your mouse over just the right part of the screen in order to activate the feature. So you have to know the feature before you use it or bump into it accidentally.

It also cancels if you scroll the map.


Thank you for all your hard work on this application. I really do appreciate it!

(I just get grumpy some times…)

–bob k6rtm

Just double-click on target, the map centers on that plane and follows it.

Works with dump1090-mutability v1.15 (I’m using a minor modified version of Ted Sluis’ version)