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Censored Google Earth Airport

If you go to Google Maps or Google Earth and enter the coordinates: 51deg 39’ 34.40"N, 5deg 42’ 03.42"E, you will see an airport that is completely pixellated. Is there some controversy at that airport, or is it just a glitch? (Airport is Volkel Air Force Base).

There are quite a lot of places that are ‘UnGooglized’ that way. Often military, or security related.
For a quick look, try
itsecurity.com/features/51-t … ps-071508/

What’s also interesting is that Col Saunders is blurred at every KFC site on Google Street View!

Interesting, thanks.

Interesting, because most of the info on Google.com is showing and a little is pixeled out.

google.com/search?q=Volkel+ … B561%3B418

Pulled it up on Bing Maps and it’s reasonably clear, except one big area that is blacked out. http://binged.it/1p0war8
It’s Volkel Military Air Base, but it looks like they are racing cars on the tarmac.